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Why English and Dutch?

Because we started several years ago with International clients, therefore there are assessment in English.

1. The five behaviors, a Wiley Brand. 

2. Identity Compass (special request).


Other assessments are at the moment specific Dutch:

1. The 16PF

2. Belbin

3. Teamfrustratie.


Why BuildBetterTeams?

• Because the reports are evidence-based and practice-oriented. And we will help you in everything we can.

• For example best practices interviews from users.

I am a beginner in team coaching, would I be wise to join BuildBetterTeams?

• With The Five Behaviors® Facilitator Accreditation, you will dive on-line deep into the Five Behaviors model and facilitation best practices. 

• This five-week course will help you build the confidence and expertise to navigate The Five Behaviors Team Development sessions, fine-tuning your skills to deliver an effective experience for any team. 

• For clients BuildBetterTeams € 2.495,-

• Volume discount for 5+ people from same organization € 2.045,- 

• Re-accreditation (after 2 years) online Training for Clients BuildBetterTeams € 295,- 


Online Program Includes:

• Five-week course plus pre-work

• Weekly 90-minute instructor-led sessions

• Three to four hours of self-directed online study per week

• Final exam

• Accreditation certificate

• The Five Dysfunctions of a Team eBook

Just send an e-mail to learn more.

Is there a helpdesk were I can ask anything about team-coaching?

• Yes there is a helpdesk that you can consult for advice on how to proceed.

• Or any other question you have.

How do I get a local team coach in my own province?

• BuildBetterTeams offers a range of team coaches, but there may already be some kind of network with highly trusted team coaches.

• They can help you find a suitable local team coach or can assist you themselves.

What is meant by equivalence?

• Companies and organizations can already do a lot themselves on team coaching.

• Often there are passionate and skilled professionals working within the organization.

• Builbetterteams is ideally suited to analyze shoulder to shoulder what they may need to be able to perform outstanding.

• In addition, cooperation with an external party is always good from a critical point of view.

• The starting point remains that the internal team coach professional is leading.

• Network with highly trusted team coaches, secondly.

• Nevertheless BuildBetterTeams can help you find a highly trusted  team coach.

What does the result orientation stand for?

• Result oriented means; useful and directly of added value.

• The team or team coach must be able to take immediate action on the basis of the results of the assessments.

• A BuildBetterTeams coach is there for you if you need any kind of consult.

Do you have a question without a direct answer?

I am happy to assist you.

Please send an e-mail to


My name is Karin van Dijck and I’m the pseudonym for the buildbetterteams team.

Do you have a question without a direct answer?

I am happy to assist you.

Please send an e-mail to


My name is Karin van Dijck and I’m the pseudonym for the buildbetterteams team.

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